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Bring joy, comfort, and relief to your Mom-To-Be in just minutes. Learn how
to give a safe pregnancy massage in this easy step-by-step guide covering
Cautions, Pressure Awareness, and five minute chapters on the areas
Moms need most relief such as the back & neck. Do a five minute chapter
or all for a 20 minute body massage.
A special gift of love for your Mom-To-Be.
Learn Pregnancy Massage the right way!
Pregnancy Massage Dads to Be Guide DVD
Give comfort and relief to your pregnant Mom to Be
A five minute massage done several times a week creates a strong family bond
and a support system for the big day.  Massage releases the "feel good"
hormones which gives much needed pain relief from normal pregnancy
symptoms.  The music sets the mood and tempo for a relaxing massage.  
Perfect gift for baby shower or a present for Dad.  
A loving touch sends unspoken comforting messages of safety and
wellbeing.  "I am here for you", "You are loved and safe", and "All will be
well".  The receiver of the touch has a physical response.  The response
could be the shoulders dropping, deeper breathing, a deep sigh, less
tension over the heart area, and a relaxed facial expression.  

So what just happened?  The touch receptors sent signals to the nervous
system for the whole body to relax, which in turn.....
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